K Mall – Kollam finally meets Quality

K-mall – for the first time in the history of the district of Kollam, we have an ‘Oberon Mall’ of our own, well almost. The mall work is only 65% complete, but Malabar Gold ventured to draw first blood, opening up their 48th showroom today. However the Mall is expected to be ready end of April – early May.

Just like any other recognizable shopping complexes, mutltitude of branded shops, along with a food court, it fits in the general mix of a Mall. 7 storeyed building with 2 basement floors for car parking, 2 escalators and 5 elevators ply each floor.

Since I dont have any confirmation on what all shops will be opening, am gonna leave that to a post once the Mall really kickstarts in May. For now, lets focus on Malabar Gold, where beauty meets quality


As I left the premises of RK Sarees towards K mall, the number of people awaiting for one of the Gods of Malayalam film industry – Mohanlal, were in 1000s. There was no way I was gonna get anywhere close to have a real good look at him, so i took up a position sufficient to see him from a distance and yet see him as he came driving by in his car.

Mohanlal fans

The moment his Innova arrived through a road specially ear marked for him, the crowd erupted. He walked out of his car, swarmed around by fans, 2 lines of khakis trying to enforce a clear path towards the mall. He manages to squeeze through, reaches the entrance, turns around and waves his hand. The crowd went bezerk, the driver of the Super Fast bus beside where i was standing stopped the bus midway on the highway – got up and waved back. That says it all!


Mr. P.K. Gurudasan, Minister of Labor and Excise, inaugurated the Mall, while Mr. N.K. Premchandran, Minister of Water Resources inaugurated Malabar Gold in the presence of Mohanlal.

100% BIS hallmarked 916 gold; IGI certified diamonds; PGI certified platinum; Premium branded watches with international warranty; Jewelery with insurance coverage; Free lifelong maintenance of jewelery; Buy-back guarantee for jewelery.




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