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Ashtamudi Lake Tourism moves one step further

Kollam Tourism has made some wonderful strides in the recent past [The Kollam Beach renovation – the latest I can recall]. In addition to that, a few more positive developments were being marked officially today.

  1. Renovated Children’s Park, Ashramam
  2. Kollam House Boat Terminal
  3. Ashtamudi Gateway No. 1
  4. Ashtamudi Gateway No. 2 – Foundation stone.

Chief Guests

  • Mr. P K Gurudasan – Minister of Excise and Labor
  • Mr. N K Premchandran – Minister of Water Resources [Did not participate]
  • Mrs. Prasanna Ernest – Kollam Mayor
  • Mrs. S. Lalithambika I.A.S – District Collector and D.T.P.C Chairman

Renovated Children’s Park, Ashramam

  • Rs. 3.52 crore has been spent on renovating the park, with mutitude of joy rides and play areas for our families to take their kids to over the weekend.

While I went over today, still some work is due. Will post pictures once the park is open [apparently tomorrow onwards].

Kollam House Boat Terminal

House Boat Terminal Office Building

A house boat terminal to accomodate | park 8 houseboats was inaugurated by the minister.

Minister examines the terminal

Ashtamudi Gateway No. 1

63 lakhs were spent to build Gateway numero uno for the Ashtamudi Lake Tourism Circuit.

Ashtamudi Gateway No. 2 – Foundation stone

An even bigger project of 98 lakhs.

Foundation stone

Renovated KSRTC Bus Depot

2 new buses in 2 new routes

The Minister also inaugurated the renovated Kollam Bus Depot and 2 new buses plying two new routes

  • Chinnakada – Anchalumoodu – Panamoodu
  • Chinnakada – Mundalumoodu – Thirumullavaaram – Maruthadi – Shaktikulangara